Your Hosts

We’re the busy parents of two kids, two cats, 1 dog, and 13 chickens on 5 acres “out of town.”

Casey: I’m a regular guy with a desk job and would officially list my hobbies as woodworking, cooking, hunting, and backpacking. I have a knack for cooking, and love to experiment and share.  So this place is my spot to post recipes and thoughts on cooking for a healthy, active lifestyle and to show you that anyone really can eat this way and not miss out on enjoying their food.  Maybe with a little help, a few recipes, and the real-world experience from someone else to lean on, others can get past the excuses and give it a try!


Karen: I am a mom and health coach, currently working toward a Masters degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. I enjoy all things vintage, sewing, photography, reading, and gardening.    Huge advocate of buying and selling local.  I love showing how easy and delicious healthful cooking can be and it doesn’t take a lot of time.  These days I make a lot of fermented foods, especially sauerkraut. I love to experiment and modify recipes or create my own.   Thanks for checking out the blog!  If you try a recipe, make a comment.  Spread the word!