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You have been following this blog for a while now, along with many other great websites and blogs out there for recipes and information (some of which I will list here).  Now, you start getting the questions from your family and friends such as, “what do you mean you don’t eat grain?” or “why are you eating that when it has so much fat?”  Well, many of you may have seen this video, but I will share the link.  Have your inquisitor take a look at it the next time you are asked these questions to help them understand that you are not trying to eat like a “caveman,” but rather you are just giving your body the fuel it was meant to thrive on.

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As we have mentioned, we believe in this way of eating because it works and it makes sense.  We see this in ourselves and literally every day someone excitedly tells us about how much better they feel based on the better food choices they have made.  I urge to you take a look at this site and video and donate to the making of the movie, “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet.”  You can also see the video and read more about it here. Help join the fight against obesity and disease.

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Another great site for information is The Healthy Skeptic.  Take a look at Chris Kresser’s video presentation on statins (cholesterol lowering medications).  I hope it makes you angry.  I hope it will make you question your medications.  I hope it will encourage you to find the most healthful foods that you can for yourself and for your family.

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Also, check out Primitive Stimulus.  Jason Seib has you asking questions.  We enjoy how he gets worked up… and sometimes gets angry…yet he is honest.  He tells it like it is.  No sugar coating.  Who needs the sugar?  Not us!

Pass it on.